My Shopping Haul at Target


This past Friday I stopped at Target to get a pair of leggings, and when I say just leggings, I mean just leggings, or so I thought. Just my luck the leggings rack is in the middle of everything. As I approached the leggings, I see that they’re on sale for $5.00, but unfortunately they were sold out of the size and style that I normally purchase. So instead I grab a pair of yoga pants (I love they way they fit, and they’re thicker than regular leggings). After grabbing my pants, I noticed another sale, they had tanks on sale for $5.00, who could really resist that sale. Before heading to the checkout lane, I walked over to the clearance racks and noticed that the Peter Pilotto for Target  collection had been marked down. I ended up getting a skirt and a top. Looks like my one item turned into a shopping trip, but hey that what happens when you walk into Target.

Here’s what I bought, besides the yoga pants I went in for.

Does Target have this affect on you?